If you have an unexpected pain in your hip – read further…

If you experience an unexpected pain in your groin/ hip area, please seek medical advice.

This might sound strange. I’ll share an experience I’ve had during the last few months. For several months previously I had experienced pain in the inner area of my right hip. (I thought groin area of the body). also, when I sat on a chair occasionally my hip would lock and would be very painful to stretch out my right leg. It transpires that these are both signs of arthritis of the hip. I was blaming the pain on an operation I had done many years ago where this area was where the surgeon entered the body to do a heart procedure.

When I had my first COVID jab. I had a very severe flare up of arthritis and was in so much pain that I ended up in the accident and emergency unit of our local hospital The doctor there diagnosed arthritis of my hip. I knew I had arthritis in my shoulders and in my knees but didn’t know about the hip. So, I requested an x ray be done. The A&E doctor would not do it so, I asked my GP. when the results came back it seems I have advanced arthritis in both hips and severe arthritis in my right hip.

I requested a consultation with the physio linked to our GP practice. He looked a the X-rays and advised me to immediately stop take part in organised events- such as rambling and playing in bowls matches. He also advised doing as many of the exercises on the “Versus arthritis” website as I could manage.

As you can imagine this all came as quite a surprise. So, if you feel pain in the hip/ groin area that you can’t explain, my advice would be to seek urgent medical advice. If, like me, you have arthritis, you may be able to find it in the early stages and seek the advice about how you can best manage the situation. The versus arthritis website is an excellent source of information and has suggested exercises for various parts of the body, knees, hips etc. These seem to be rated by the medical professionals as good exercises.

As you might expect I have a referral to see the specialist at out local hospital. I’m told he is dealing with a lot of cases so it might be some time before I’m seen. The only course of action is a replacement hip, but that will be many months if not years in the future.

Lyke wake walk

24 years ago (1997) I joined with other walkers from MADELEY in Staffordshire and we did the 40 miles from osmotherley to ravenscar in 18 hours.

We started early evening about 6pm and finished at approximately 12 noon the next day.

There was an excellent support team who provided food and drinks on regular occasions

We were lucky with the weather being dry and settled but it was a big physical challenge and it was my first experience of walking through the hours of darkness (wearing headlamps).

The lyke wake walk is said to be a coffin route and there is a small badge in the shape of a black coffin

So what has changed in the last 21 years or so?

I’ve recently started using again 2 devices that date back to 2000 or slightly earlier. A Psion 3mx personal organiser and an apple iBook clamshell ( mine is blue and white). Unless you are of a certain age ( like me) you will have no idea what either of these 2 devices looks like. ( I will add photos).

Both of these devices were very popular and led their field in the mid 1990’s to 2000. They can both be used now. However, the two things that really struck me were; one the lack of internet in those days and two the lack of streaming or cloud based services that we have all got so familiar with.

So, does it matter?

Well, in one sense it does. It is now second nature to go to the internet to enquire, find out or to use a service m, pay a Bill or buy something. Cloud based services are so useful and save so much time.

The down side is our reliance upon them, and their intrusion into our lives.

I don’t have an answer to this problem.

If anyone else has experience of working with older devices please let me know your views and experiences.

TENS pain relief

Used our TENS machine for the first time today. Using all 4 pads in a cross shape with right hip roughly in the middle. It certainly seemed to make a difference – no more pain for the rest of the day even though working outside up by and down ladders.

The TENS machine is an alternative to using painkillers. It’s worth a look and doing some research using the usual sources of information!

Taking photos with plastic gloves on

You probably already know this – but I only discovered it today.

When my iPhone is on the Lock Screen a swipe to the left brings up the camera.

I’ve usually tried to type in the code and have problems when wearing nitrile gloves.

Swiping to bring up the camera means that all I need to do is press the central button to take the picture – this is much easier.

I like to take pictures of my bees so this discovery is going to be really useful for me.